leader in the field of recovery of codes: C.E.R. 19.12.04 and 19.12.12

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For a better future!

Ideals of sustainability

We believe in the future and this is why we have invested in the new and young company ITAL GREEN srl, the plastic and rubber recovery plant with C.E.R. codes. 19.12.04 – 19.12.12, active in Aviano in the province of Pordenone. Always ready to offer a quality and sustainability service.

Ital Green deals with the RECOVERY, STORAGE and DISPOSAL of plastic and rubber materials.

Our special non-hazardous waste recovery plant based in Aviano in the province of Pordenone is a leader in waste recovery with C.E.R. codes. 19.12.04 – C.E.R. 19:12:12.

In detail we deal with:

  • C.E.R. RECOVERY 19.12.04 – C.E.R. 19.12.12
  • STORAGE C.E.R. 19.12.04 – C.E.R. 19.12.12
  • DISPOSAL OF C.E.R. 19.12.04 – C.E.R. 19.12.12


We recover special non-hazardous waste destined for storage, sorting and disposal.


Special non-hazardous waste is stored and sent for recovery.


The waste is treated or transformed to be sent for recovery and disposal according to Italian standards.

what we dispose

Our work and  transparency

What’s behind a waste facility? But above all, what’s inside?

Find out what are the products and activities for the recovery of storage and waste disposal.

ideas and sustainability

Priorities and activities

special vehicles

For the recovery, handling and disposal of waste, we use special vehicles in step with the times.


The ideal that drives us to always do our best to take care of the raw materials.


By storage we mean separation and selection, according to the regulations in force.


Our first concern is the environment, that’s why we do this job.


We offer work to families and individuals in our waste plant in Aviano, in the province of Pordenone.


With us only innovative technologies. That’s why we are leaders in recovery throughout Northeast Italy.

Recupero rifiuti CER 191204 -191212

plastic recovery

Special non-hazardous waste recovery codes: C.E.R. 19.12.04 - C.E.R. 19:12:12.

Impianto di smaltimento di plastica e gomma ad Aviano

Recovery plant

We are in Aviano in the province of Pordenone.


Operating Office

Top view

Impianto di smaltimento di plastica e gomma balle

Plastic bales

Tons of plastic ready for recycling.

Smaltimento rifiuti CER 191204 - 191212 - Macchinari

Job opportunities

New technologies also need the experience of our employees.

Impianto rifiuti di plastica e gomma CER 191204 - 191212

innovative machinery

We believe in the future.

Impianto di smaltimento di plastica e gomma ad Aviano


Far from pollution close to nature.

Riciclo Ital Green


Special non-hazardous waste disposal with codes: C.E.R. 19.12.04 - C.E.R. 19:12:12.


Harmony of values


"You are never too small to make a difference."

Swedish activist for sustainable development

Experience has taught me that man, when he wishes to reach a goal, finds within himself unthinkable resources.

Umberto Veronesi
Italian oncologist and politician
Founder of 'Friends of Lake Turkana', conservationist Ikal Angelei, poses during an interview with AFP on May 19, 2012. Angelei was interviewed about the construction of a giant dam in Ethiopia named Gibe III which is alleged to pose a threat to the World Heritage-listed Lake Turkana 600 km downstream in Kenya. At 240 metres tall, the Gibe III dam is tipped to create a reservoir of water that stretches for 151 km becoming Africa's most powerful hydroelectric plant and the fourth most productive in the world. Unesco has condemned the Gibe III project and the World Bank and the African Development Bank have refused to support it because of concerns about its long term environmental, social, and economic concerns over its impact. The fishermen and herders eking out an existence on the shores of the majestic Lake Turkana in Kenya risk having their way of life destroyed by the giant dam under construction in Ethiopia, their neighbour to the north. Glittering jade under the scorching sun, Lake Turkana is a fragile jewel in an arid environment already hit by global warming. At 250 kilometres (150 miles) long by 60 km wide at its largest point, it is the world's biggest desert lake. AFP PHOTO/CARL DE SOUZA        (Photo credit should read CARL DE SOUZA/AFP/GettyImages)

To make the word "sustainable" real, we must offer the community the knowledge and tools to defend itself.

Ikal Angelei
Kenyan politician and environmentalist


In particular - C.E.R. 19.12.04
- C.E.R. 19.12.12

Ital Green deals with the RECOVERY, STORAGE and DISPOSAL of plastic and rubber materials with C.E.R. 19.12.04 – C.E.R. 19:12:12.

The acronym C.E.R. stands for: European Waste Catalog. These are classification codes for waste destined for recovery or disposal.

In our special non-hazardous waste plant in Aviano we recover all the waste with C.E.R. 19.12.12 and C.E.R. 19.12.04 intended for storage, selection, sorting and disposal.

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